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The course marking and the aid station were excellent.  But the best thing was that I felt supported, cared about, and cared for unlike any other race I have done.  Many ultras emphasize the difficulty of the course and the toughness required to conquer it.  But at the trail festival the vibe was much different - We want you to succeed and are here to do whatever you need to help you accomplish your goal.  Most of us ultra runners are not out to set records or win races or prove how tough we are, we just love running trails and want to push ourselves to see what we can do.  It's a personal journey, not competitive.

John Monroe

Sassquad isn't like other trail races. I don't run ultras and I'm not fast, but at Sassquad races I'm always guaranteed to have a ton of fun and ALWAYS fee like part of the Sassquad family!

Che Smith

Thank you guys for accepting me and my weirdness. I have finally found my people!

Sarah Koolaid

You guys put together a race that is sustainable and of real value not only to those of us who are new, but to those who need a race to help train for other races and otherwise just want to have some fun with it. A race that is truly fun.

Tabitha Coffindaffer

You and your team just amaze us! Everyone was so positive and genuine caring about every individual runner!  We thank you for all the sassquatchiness and love you shared with us


Lizzy Mack

A special thanks to Sassquad Trail Runners and Kim Levinsky for bringing the joy back into running for me.

This community has become one of my safe spaces.

Nerissa Aschoff

I’ve done two Sassquad events, and they were my favorite two that I have done. They were both incredibly diverse - young people, old people, men, women, lots of different ethnicities, fast people, slow people, and people from just about every walk of life. Everyone is super friendly, and the vibe is just a big party. I absolutely love them! 

Michael Wortley

I wouldn't have met these amazing humans if it wasn't for Sassquad. Thank you for all youdo and for making me feel like I belong. I feel like I found 'my people'.

Topher F*cking Lee

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